Carole Price: Inpatient Rehabilitation

Carole Price, inpatient rehabilitation patient

Carole Price was in Las Vegas visiting her sister when she had an accidental fall. As a result, she fractured her right hip and required surgery at Spring Valley Hospital.

Due to the type of surgery Carole received, she was limited to toe-touch weight bearing, which means she could only stand/walk on the tips of her toes. This restricted her ability to perform everyday tasks and required rehabilitation services at Valley Health Specialty Hospital (VHSH).

On her first day at VHSH, she required total assistance with dressing her lower body, toileting, moderate assistance to get out of bed, and could only walk 10 feet with minimal assistance from the therapist. Carole worked very hard, attending every physical and occupational therapy session. Upon discharge, she was able to complete everyday tasks by herself, and could walk 210 feet while avoiding obstacles using a front-wheeled walker.

Carole was able to fly back home to Pennsylvania to be with her family. Before leaving VHSH Carole said, “I am so grateful that VHSH was my place for rehab. I can’t say enough about your staff; how they work so well together and gave this patient the feeling of being cared for by family. They certainly made my stay and recovery pleasant. I will be eternally grateful.”